Additional information about yourself in your resume

Additional information in the resume is necessary for the recruiter to learn more about the personality of the applicant. Candidates for the position do not always know what to write in additional information and how to do it correctly.

In this block, you can additionally focus on professional qualities, which are an advantage for working in a specific position. Here you can enter information about awards, achievements, hobbies, wishes regarding work. There are no strict rules about what additional information you need to include in the About Me section of your resume. However, the information must be relevant to the job, it makes no sense to add extra information to the questionnaire.
What should be reflected in the resume:
  • Personal qualities. You should not use template phrases – they will not tell anything about the personality of the applicant, but will only be a background that the recruiter will miss. Instead of “communicative” write “I easily find a common language with people”, “I like to work in a team”, “I like to bring clients to a deal”, “I can build trusting relationships with people”, “I have NLP skills”, etc.
  • Hobbies. They talk about a well-rounded personality. If you are an active person, then in your resume, reflect sports, dancing. Correctly indicate reading of special literature, hobbies close to professional activity, for example, landscape design.
  • Additional education and level of foreign languages. All courses and trainings that you attended are not required. Choose the main ones that at least somehow overlap with the specialty. Example: “I listened to the 1C: Enterprise course.”
  • Awards received. The competition medal is not work-related unless you get a job as a coach. Getting prizes in scientific conferences will add a plus to the characteristics of your personality.
  • Driving license. They are not required for most positions, but they indicate that you are an organized person.
  • Special requests. You can write your wishes for future work. But it should be borne in mind that the system will not adapt to you.

Резюме с дополнительной информацией

There is information that does not make sense to write in your resume. It is of no use in itself, but occupies a useful place. What is not recommended to write about:

  • Marital status – this fact has nothing to do with work. However, the presence of a teenage child may indicate that a woman is not going on maternity leave in the near future. The presence of small children in some cases repels the employer, as there is a risk of frequent sick leave.
  • Diploma topic. It makes sense to write it only if you are a graduate, and this is your first place of work. For people with experience, such data is not needed.
  • Reason for leaving the previous job. You should be careful when writing such information. If you quit due to a conflict with your boss or the team, then this fact will definitely not like the recruiter and reduce the chances of getting the desired position.
  • Social activities. It is worth indicating it only if it somehow resonates with the position. Not every type of social activity is perceived positively, although it can be a plus.
  • Ambiguous types of hobbies: esotericism, fortune-telling, following a certain subculture.
  • Alternative specialties. Mastering another profession is a plus if you are ready to work part-time or perform double duties. Otherwise, it is better to keep silent about the alternative specialty.

Top mistakes that are most often found in the resume of applicants:

  1. Too much information.
  2. Repetition of information specified in other sections.
  3. Indication of religious, political views – they are not related to work, unless it is an organization of a certain orientation.
  4. Specifying extreme hobbies – sports associated with increased injuries increase the risk that the employee will go on a long sick leave.
  5. Description of bad habits.
  6. Common words: sociable, friendly, responsible – it is better to reveal concepts, as they do not carry any semantic load.

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