Without the ability to work on a PC, you will not see not only a managerial position, but also an office clerk vacancy. It is easier to list the professions in which computer skills are not required. Basically, we are talking about representatives of working specialties. Computer skills are needed, they need to be identified when applying for a job – this is an axiom. However, what computer programs to use for a resume and how to determine your level of PC proficiency is far from always clear. Let’s try to figure it out.

To correctly compile a list of computer skills, try to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. When noting proficiency in complex software on your resume, do not forget to indicate the level of knowledge (medium, high).
  2. Do not list all the programs you know. Even a novice user has had to deal with many applications, but no one needs a two-page list of players and utilities. Note only what is important for your work.
  3. Don’t forget about your operating system experience. Knowledge of FreeBSD, UNIX systems (including numerous Linux clones), MacOS can be a plus. Windows is optional. Familiarity with this OS is assumed by default.
  4. Do not list dozens of browsers and office suites. Also, you do not need to describe all the applications included in Microsoft Office. It is enough to write “Knowledge of PC at … user level” (insert the appropriate level – beginner, intermediate, advanced) or “Knowledge of MS Office.”
  5. Don’t write too much in your resume. If you are applying for an accountant’s vacancy, there is no need to indicate ownership of 3D graphics processing software. Check only what is useful for your profile.


Человек работает за компьютером

If your profession is not directly related to computers, in most cases one line will be enough. If specialization requires knowledge of certain software products (accounting, legal databases, etc.), a small paragraph should be enough. In this case, indicate the general level of PC proficiency (see the next section of the article) and skills in working with specialized software.

When mentioning computer proficiency in your resume, it is recommended to use the generally accepted classification, according to which the user level is defined as the initial one, intermediate or confident.

The beginner level includes the most “basics” of working on a PC: the ability to turn on and off the computer correctly, run a calculator and a notebook, type text in the “Word”.

The intermediate level assumes more confident PC skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office (including the ability to work with charts and tables), e-mail skills.

Knowledge of the PC at the level of a confident user presupposes mastery of specialized software packages. For example, for an accountant it can be 1C applications (“Accounting”, “Warehouse”, “Salaries” and so on), for a designer – Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, 3DSMax and other specialized software.

Компьютерные программы и навыки

Various applications can be used for sales. You definitely need to indicate the degree of proficiency in Microsoft Office. For most cases, this will be sufficient. If the seller needs to navigate in more complex software (for example, products of the 1C line), the employer will probably indicate this in the advertisement for the search for employees.

Much depends on the specialization. Banking managers should mention their knowledge of Citrix, Athens, Va-bank and other specialized software widely used in lending and banking institutions. In many cases, the mention of being comfortable with Microsoft Office will suffice. However, it never hurts to note knowledge of 1C: Enterprise and specialized programs related to cash flow and marketing activities.

For a candidate for the position of administrator, it is usually enough to indicate “confident PC user”. If you know ERP and CRM systems, you can also mention them separately.

In addition to basic office applications, an accountant needs to navigate at least the most common specialized applications for accounting. First of all, we are talking about 1C: Accounting, but it is worth mentioning knowledge of other software: VLSI, Parus, Elba, Bitrix, and so on. If you know 1C, it is advisable to mark the versions with which you had to work.

It makes sense for lawyers to additionally indicate in the resume the degree of ownership of the packages GAS “Justice”, “ConsultantPlus”, “Garant” and other specialized software.

Today even the weakest PC user has dozens and hundreds of applications. Don’t try to grasp the immensity by listing dozens and hundreds of computer programs on your resume. Suffice it to note the general level of PC proficiency and knowledge of software, which can be useful for performing job duties.

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