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Job Resume Strengths (47 Examples)

There is no “Strengths” block in the resume. But the employee needs to show them. How to do this in a word document before the interview? This article contains the top secrets of hiring professionals. If you follow their advice when writing a resume, then the chances of successful consideration of a candidate and a new job will increase many times over.

Each person has strengths and weaknesses due to physical and psychological characteristics. The same can be said about the employee. When writing a resume, which is, in fact, a sales copy, it is extremely important to show the employer the strengths – the advantages over other candidates. This increases the chances of moving on to the next stage – the interview. Strengths include:

  1. Studying at a prestigious university, high marks in the diploma.
  2. Knowledge acquired over the years of study and work.
  3. Competencies corresponding to an open vacancy.
  4. Positive professional qualities.
  5. Strengths of character.
  6. Hobbies that help to do the job well.

Your strengths are not always easy to identify. If this stage of preparing a resume causes difficulties, you can use this method:

  1. Make a list of qualities, requirements for a candidate for a vacancy. You need to be honest with yourself so as not to undermine the recruiter’s trust. For greater reliability, it is useful to interview family members, friends, colleagues.
  2. Analyze personality traits in the context of the job. It is necessary to answer the question whether this trait helps to achieve the result and the goal.
  3. Cross off from the list positions that do not help in any way in the specified work.


Руководитель радуется своим сильным сторонам

When describing the strengths of a person in a resume, it is enough to indicate 3-4 points. You can indicate strengths in any section of the resume. It happens that an item does not fit into the context. Then it should be entered under the heading “Additional information”.

It often happens that a person has the experience, education. He offers his services to various companies, sending resumes several times a day. But there is no response. Why is this happening?

It will be a revelation for many, but one of the strengths of a resume is photography. It makes sense to entrust the photo taking to a professional photographer. The face and shoulders should be in the center of the frame. Photos from a corporate party, full-length are not suitable.

Another advantage of any candidate is literacy. According to statistics, 77% of employers reject their resume due to mistakes and typos. But recruiters immediately pay attention to applicants with perfect knowledge of grammar.

Even when describing strong character traits in a resume, you need to use numbers as much as possible. 34% of employers will not consider resumes if they do not have specific indicators.

A template is always bad. Most applicants write the same on their resume:

  • diligence;
  • responsibility;
  • communication skills;
  • teamwork;
  • focus on results.

The recruiter is looking for the best candidate, not the average person who merges with the gray mass. Therefore, recruiting specialists do not recommend using hackneyed formulations such as “sociability”, “efficiency” . These templates are already considered bad form and have become the subject of jokes for employers. It is preferable to replace them with simple but laconic phrases: “I easily find a common language”, “I do the work efficiently and on time”, “I do not break deadlines”, “I take initiative and be responsible for the result”, etc.

From the first lines of the resume, the employer needs to make it clear that it is not just a professional who turns to him, but a self-confident person with normal self-esteem. Therefore, false modesty is inappropriate here – you need to honestly describe all your strengths.

For an applicant for a key position in the company, the following sides can be considered strong:

  1. I always strive for the best: I graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Human Resources Management (diploma with honors) which is beyond the power of others.
  2. I attracted 100 million rubles into the investment funds for the modernization of workshops.
  3. I systematize experience and knowledge, transfer them to subordinates.
  4. I am able to delegate authority to employees.
  5. I strive to share the experience: I have published a book “How to improve productivity by 50% per month “with a circulation of 100 thousand copies (purchased by 15 universities in the country).
  6. I am able to make decisions on my own.
  7. I am able to correctly set a goal and confidently follow the chosen path.
  8. I am resistant to stress – I have been working in managerial positions for 15 years.
  9. I demand results from employees and expect initiative from them.
  10. I completed a course in public speaking and rhetoric in 2012–2013 (certificate).
  11. I can convince the interlocutor: the contract is signed in 85% of cases.
  12. I strive for self-development – I entered the law faculty to get a second higher education.
  13. My hobby is the psychology of professional activity, I apply knowledge in my work.

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The strengths of such a specialist depend on the area of ​​his activity.

PR manager:

  1. I aim for high results: increased recognition of four brands (list) and brought it to the top three leaders of the market, one brand became a bestseller in Poland.
  2. I work in multitasking mode – I have developed advertising campaigns for three products enterprises at the same time.
  3. Creativity: I know how to create a news feed out of nothing.
  4. Ambitious: won an internship competition at Nike, Lego, Amazon. Created a YouTube channel that achieved a 5% conversion in 6 months.

HR Manager:

  1. Reducing employee turnover by 25% or more.
  2. I can motivate employees without money.
  3. I know how to hire a valuable employee from a competing firm.
  4. I can organize team-building events. Conflict situations are eliminated by 90%.
  5. I have the skills of practical psychology.
  6. I find a common language with conflicting, but valuable employees.
  7. I know how to improve the performance discipline in the team .

Character strengths in a sales manager resume can be:

  1. Self-motivation – I find incentives to educate myself in order to increase sales.
  2. I establish contact with the interlocutor in 10 minutes.
  3. I’m not selling a product, but the company’s confidence in it.
  4. Persistent, the word “no” motivates me.
  5. Configured not on the process, but on the result: I sell to 8 out of 10 contacts.

The advantages of a trade worker can be described as follows:

  1. Trained at the sales courses at the Chanel fashion house.
  2. I took courses in applied psychology – only in 5% of cases of conflicts with customers, the help of an administrator or store director is required.
  3. I know how to work with objections, thanks to The sales volume is 15% higher than that of my colleagues.
  4. I graduated from the courses of cosmetologists, I can recommend the most suitable cream, shampoo, body care products to the buyer.
  5. Three times received a certificate from city authorities for a high standard of service.
  6. I have not been late for work in 10 years.
  7. I went to a self-defense course for sellers. Fought back a robber in an attack on a store in 2015.
  8. I have the skills of SMM and product promotion in social networks.
  9. Punctual: I always come to work 15–20 minutes before the store opens.
  10. I speak English at the Intermediate level.
  11. Competent speech, clear articulation thanks to training in theater arts courses.
  12. Customer-oriented – I like to dress people beautifully and make them happy.

Accuracy and diligence, scrupulousness and pedantry are important for accountants. These qualities can be described as follows:

  1. Attentive, so he successfully passed three tax checks, five – on payments to funds.
  2. I am always looking for new solutions: I have developed and use a method of accelerated processing primary documentation, which increased productivity by 15%.
  3. I fulfill my duties in good faith, during my work from 2015 to 2019 the company was not fined for violation of financial discipline.
  4. I do not tolerate negligence figures.
  5. I submit reports on time.
  6. Attentive to details – I identified 6 errors in colleagues’ reports and saved the company 650 thousand rubles due to possible sanctions.

Describing your pros is not as difficult as it seems. If nothing comes to mind, you can compare the strengths in the resume from the examples in the article with your traits and successes. The main thing is not to lie and not to ascribe to yourself non-existent qualities. Lies will come to light, and then a career can be ruined.

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