Люди из разных сфер деятельности

What to write about the field of activity in the resume?

The field of activity in the resume is not key, but important information for the employer, which also needs to be indicated. Without it, the recruiter gets a distant idea of ​​knowledge and skills, work experience. And then the applicant’s chances of being interviewed are greatly reduced.
The sphere of activity is a fixed range of services that are provided and carried out by companies. As an example, here are the main ones:

  1. service;
  2. sales, purchases;
  3. education;
  4. trade;
  5. logistics;
  6. transport;
  7. catering;
  8. hotel business;
  9. beauty and health;
  10. marketing, advertising, PR;
  11. finance, accounting, banks;
  12. medicine;
  13. production;
  14. jurisprudence.

It is not necessary to enter the industry if the candidate has previously worked in a bank, tax service, other government organizations and bodies, the functions of which are known to everyone. But the nature of work in private enterprises requires clarification – the name of the organization alone is not enough.

If the applicant it is difficult to indicate the field of activity in the resume for the company in which he was previously employed, special services will help. In the search box, indicate the name of the enterprise or individual entrepreneur, TIN or OGRN. The systems search through the databases of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of the Federal Tax Service and provide detailed information about the business entity. There is a section “Activities”. The obtained data are entered into the resume, if necessary, they add specifics – indicate the products produced, the services provided, etc.

Many candidates, writing their resume, are limited to the name of the organization in which they worked, for example:

  • Scarlet Flower LLC;
  • DBR Company;
  • Amalgama PJSC;
  • South and North JSC.

It happens that the applicant writes too vaguely or too short, summarizes, indicating in the resume:

  • trade (what do they sell?);
  • production area (which do they produce goods?);
  • services to the population (which ones – banking, social, utilities, household, etc.?);
  • middle technical services (in which industry – raw materials, materials, currency, information?).

Moreover, even a detailed indication of the main responsibilities does not give the recruiter the necessary information. For example, in the section “Position” often indicate “Purchasing manager”, and in the section “Responsibilities”:

  • control over the filling of the warehouse;
  • planning of a warehouse reserve;
  • selection of suppliers taking into account the best prices and conditions;
  • control of payments.

Профессии нескольких сфер деятельности

It is not clear from this description what the company sells – food, spare parts, clothes, medicines, automotive engineering, etc.

However, the employer needs to know if the candidate has the skills required precisely for his sphere. Why is it important? Many companies are reluctant to hire specialists from other industries. For example, a stationary sales manager is likely to be refused employment by a construction materials sales company. Although there are those who are ready to hire a good specialist and retrain him to fit their needs.

The greatest difficulties arise where highly specialized knowledge is needed. So, for example, a truck driver who transports clothes, food, will not be able to transport dangerous goods, since he needs to undergo training under a special program. The situation is even more complicated with medicine, law, engineering, accounting and even journalism.

The HR manager can be reproached for unwillingness to independently search for company data. But its task is complicated by the fact that enterprises do not always have websites, including relevant ones. If the applicant has indicated several jobs without specifying the field of activity, then the processing of one resume can take up to an hour. Another problem is that different companies often have the same name or abbreviation, but with different decoding, and differ in the type of activity.

During the crisis, many specialists have to change the industry. Therefore, they avoid specifics in order to gain approval, even if the field of activity on the resume does not initially fit. What to write in this case? Personnel managers advise to answer honestly, but draw up a document according to the following rules:

  1. Create a resume for a new vacancy. It is recommended to use keywords and terms in the text that correspond to the new field of activity.
  2. Choose a functional or combined type of resume and focus on the skills learned. At the end, you must indicate work experience in reverse chronological order.
  3. Add information about studying at courses and training in a new field (if you have such experience), demonstrate a willingness to work in this field.
  4. Experienced HR candidates are advised to shorten the text, leaving only jobs relevant to the desired industry. This is especially true for people who agree to a demotion. Often employers consider such candidates as temporary workers who will definitely leave the company at the first opportunity.
  5. Write a cover letter for such resumes. In it, you need to try to convince the employer that the existing experience outside the industry is valuable for this company as well. Do not forget to attach references from your previous job.

Some HR specialists also recommend calling the company after submitting a job application – this will show the applicant’s motivation and seriousness. To summarize, it should be noted that specifying the field of activity on a resume really plays an important role in the employment process, as it improves the understanding of your experience.

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